Chelsea Needs Costa to Channel His Aggression

On his day, Diego Costa is arguably one of the best strikers in the Premier League. However, he’s not quite popular amongst players and individual sets of fans due to his antics on the pitch which are evidently fuelled by his aggressive nature.

Costa’s aggression is one of his key attributes as it complements his sublime nature in front of goal. His style of play allows him to terrorise defences with the utmost aplomb while also giving Chelsea the competitive edge games.

The Brazilian-born striker is regarded as a rule breaker in the eyes of many; he’s more or less the villain of the EPL. And with the new directives from the FA being vehemently executed by match officials, Costa could get booked every other matchday.

Costa’s presence strikes fear into the hearts of the opposition defenders against which in turn, gives him a scope of freedom to exploit defences in a relatively shady manner.

If you haven’t figured it out yet; most of the time Costa knows what he’s doing. He can walk away unscathed from challenges with just a yellow card or no booking to his name – he’s just that cunning. His performances are quite decisive to whether Chelsea win or lose games.

The game against Swansea saw Costa do what he does best. He taunted the opposition and got away with more than he should have.

Having bagged both goals for Chelsea against the Swans, it’s clear to see how influential Costa is for the Blues, but he evidently needs to calm down over the next couple of months in a bid to avoid being brandished red cards and/or suspensions.

Judging by the news rules which referees look set to impose quite seriously, opposition players will be looking to provoke Costa in order to get him sent off.

At the moment, Costa is a victim of his own nature. He’s capable of orchestrating play in a sensational manner when he’s on the edge. But his style of play risks landing him in trouble with referees hence he needs to channel his aggressiveness rather than embrace it.
Costa’s decisive runs, link-up play, neat footwork and sublime finishing will certainly keep Chelsea in the mix of things as far as the title race is concerned.

The Manchester outfits are seen as the leading contenders for the title, but judging by the looks of things at the moment Chelsea could steal the title from right under their noses with Diego Costa spearheading the attack.