BK Man At The Races Review

Welcome to our BK Man At The Races Review. This is a horse racing tipster review service and according to the website BK Man has some inside knowledge from the tracks. The service promises great profits in the form of win or each-way bets.

The service was originally launched on Bet Kudos, part of the Betfan Network in September 2012 and according to the proofing results on Betfan, the service has so far made over 900 points profit.  The BK Man At The Races review will see results recorded at advised stakes and also at £10 level stakes


£57 per quarter

£99 per 6 months


A bit of a mixed start to our BK Man At The Races review as the tips got off to a great start 2 wins from the first 4.  The profit was looking healthy until a misplaced bit of confidence in Valid Point at Leicester saw us lose a 10 point bet!

​The service quickly rallied with 2 wins straight after the big loss at Leicester and profit was once again in the bank.

Towards as the end of the month though, the tips were really close to bringing home some good numbers with many second and third places ​coming in.  ​

A 20% strike rate with 5 of 25 selections. It's also worth noting that 14 of 25 selections placed!

I feel that this service promises some great things and I'm intrigued as to how month 2 of the review will pan out.


The Basics

Bets = 53
Winning Bets = 4
Strike-rate = 7.54%

Advised Staking

ROI = -62.07%
Monthly P&L = -£626.40

£10 Level Stakes

ROI = -67.92%
Monthly P&L = -£720.00


A disappointing second month as the service only managed to get 4 winners with successes coming at Kempton, Wolverhampton and Bangor.

Unfortunately the advised staking advice of the service meant that when he wins arrived the £ per unit we were using wasn't too high.

The level stakes profit to £10 per point finished the month at a loss of £401.68 , so actually ahead of the advised staking method.

A strike rate of just under 15% and ​a much needed improvement required to turn this one around in month 3.​


The Basics

Bets = 51
Winning Bets = 14
Strike-rate = 27.45%

Advised Staking

ROI = 44.71%
Monthly P&L = +£1,600.11

£10 Level Stakes

ROI = 27.39%
Monthly P&L = +£1,375.80


BK Man At The Races made a profit this month but it was a case of to little too late and to be fair that 1 winner was the ONLY winner in the month, it just happened to be a super profitable tip.

A closing balance of -£342.84 is not ideal although it's worth noting that if you'd bet at £10 level stakes instead of the advised staking, then you would have finished with a profit of £260.82.

This service could well make money in the long term but I suspect that this will be a case of treading water.

Certainly not the worst betting service that we'll review here on Bets For Today but also nowhere near the best.


The Basics

Bets = 52
Winning Bets = 14
Strike-rate = 26.92%

Advised Staking

ROI = 44.02%
Monthly P&L = +£2,717.55

£10 Level Stakes

ROI = 79.79%
Monthly P&L = +£2013.70


Bets = 157
Winning Bets = 32
Strike-rate = 20.38%
ROI = 54.71%
Final P&L = £3,691.26


Bets = 156
Winning Bets = 32
Strike-rate = 20.38%
ROI = 39.31%
Final P&L = £2,013.70

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