Rays Lays Review

Welcome to our Rays Lays review, where you will see us put this horse racing tipster service from Bettin Boffin under the microscope for 90 days.  The service is run by Ray Mills and tips are delivered to our inbox each morning via email.  The Rays Lays review will see results recorded at advised stakes and also at £10 level stakes.

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Welcome to our Rays Lays review, a horse racing tipster service from Ray. We will be recording every result that he has over the next 90 days, and see whether he can make us a good return. This service has had glowing reviews in the past, so it be interesting to see whether the service can live up to it's previous successes. Previous years has seen the betting bank doubled and trebled with the minimum of fuss.

Selections are sent by email each morning around 9am. The Rays Lays review will be recorded at level stakes as well as to £50 fixed liability, which works out to 5% of our starting betting bank.

From first inspection I notice the following key points from Rays Lays:

* Generally one selection per day
* Advised to lay to Betfair starting price
* Straightforward laying service, no fancy staking plans involved here

Follow us on our Rays Lays review, and see whether Ray can live up to expectations.



Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£178.60
Number of bets 77
Number of wins 59
Strike Rate 76.6%
Bank Growth -17.9%
Return On Investment -17.9%
Review Period

12th October 2018 to 

31st January 2019

(With a twenty day pause due to illness)


£1 for the first 14 days, 

then £29.50 per month

Month 1 Summary

Our first month's Rays Lays review is now over and we didn't get off to the best of starts with three in a row winning their races. The month improved as we progressed though, and results looked altogether more promising.

The average lay price comes in at 5.32, so Ray does advise members to lay to liability where possible. Looking at the results spreadsheet we can see that both level stakes to £10 fixed stakes and fixed liability to £50 stakes is almost identical, so I'd personally advise members to lay to fixed liability.

Overall although we have seen a slight loss for the first month I am confident Ray will turn things round. I'll be back next month to see where we stand.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£75.80
Number of bets 28
Number of wins 21
Strike Rate 75%
Return On Investment -27.07%

Month 2 Summary

Rays Lays has now completed it's second month review and has unfortunately made a further loss this month. Ray clearly has a concise knowledge of horse racing and I am actively wanting him to do well. His emails always arrive in good time, and he summarises how yesterday's selection ran which is a nice addition.

Ray was taken ill at the very end of our second month, and has decided for health reasons that he will be taking a couple of weeks off to recuperate. Then he will be back in full force in January.

So therefore we are temporarily pausing the service until he has started the service back up again, so I'll be back then.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£157.70
Number of bets 24
Number of wins 16
Strike Rate 67%
Return On Investment -65.71

Month 3 Summary

Ray started the service back up on the 1st January and since then has performed much better. An 88% winning strike rate, coupled with some relatively low priced lays has seen the service record a £62.90 profit to £10 level stakes lays, £150.61 to a fixed liability of £50 per lay.

I do like how Ray is open and honest, and his emails are always refreshing. I suspect his service will make a profit in coming months, so needs a longer term approach possibly.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£62.90
Number of bets 25
Number of wins 22
Strike Rate 88%
Return On Investment 25.16%

Rays Lays Conclusion

Our Rays Lays review is now over and despite a loss overall I do hold out some hope for the service. I would say if you take a long term approach you may do well, but I have to base my review on results that we seen in our three month review so have to give it a neutral rating. Yes there was a loss seen, but so many other aspects of the service are very good.

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