Should Sturridge leave Liverpool

The past decade has seen Liverpool struggle to make their mark on English football, but during the 2013/14 season, years of struggle seemingly blossomed into the perfect title challenge with the catalysts of that epic season being Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge.
The dynamic duo amassed a combined tally of 51 goals that season which certainly helped Liverpool’s resolve as far as the title chase was concerned.
Sturridge played somewhat of a supporting role in a movie-like title run which saw Suarez carry the team with a fine string of stellar performances and Sturridge followed suite with similarly remarkable showings including a goalscoring run which almost equalled Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s record (which Vardy broke last season by scoring in 11 consecutive games).

As we all know, Liverpool slipped (literally) towards the end of that campaign thereby resulting in one of the most heart-breaking failed title bids in Premier League history. Suarez then left for Barcelona, and the goalscoring burden was inadvertently passed on to Sturridge.

From then on Sturridge was dubbed “the guy” to lead Liverpool as well as the English national team to greater heights, and after a while he seemed like a decent fit for the starting berth on both fronts, but injury and fitness issues began to manifest themselves and the widespread appeal for Sturridge was reduced to a miniscule state.

Following Jurgen Klopp’s arrival at the club, things were certainly expected to change for the better, and they seemingly have, but notably not for Sturridge as his place in the squad is currently under doubt and judging by his demeanour on the pitch in his recent appearances, he doesn’t seem to be high in confidence.

The weight of expectation placed upon Sturridge coupled with his injury problems have been quite detrimental to his career at Merseyside and it might just be time for a change if he’s keen on rekindling the fire that saw him being ranked as one of the most prolific strikers in the English top flight.

He doesn’t look like the right fit for Liverpool at the moment and similarly, the Reds don’t look right for him.
Sturridge’s situation is a bit like Jack Wilshere’s at Arsenal. Constant injuries and fitness problems seemingly hindered Wilshere from being the player Arsenal and England craved but he’s still got ample time to pick up the pieces of his career and so does Sturridge.

A loan move would be quite beneficial to Sturridge as it will provide him with an opportunity to find his form and return to Liverpool ready to hit the ground running, and on that note, he should definitely look into leaving the club on a temporary basis during the January transfer window.

A permanent transfer away from Liverpool is also quite viable for the Englishman, but he risks fading into obscurity if he fails to settle in at a new club.
With all his untapped potential, Sturridge needs to act fast to redeem himself in the eyes of the football world as his lackadaisical performances this season have already begun to raise a few eyebrows.

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