Bank Builder Review

Welcome to our Bank Builder review, where you will see us put this football tipster service from Football Advisor under the microscope for 90 days.  The tips are delivered to our inbox each morning via email and are also available from their membership area.  The Bank Builder review will see results commented on from our reviewer Alan.

bankbuilderreviewQuick Summary

Welcome to the latest betting opportunity to be reviewed for Bets For Today.  In this Bank Builder review over the next 3 months we will see whether the service lives up to its publicity. It’s one of the most profitable looking services offered by the Football Advisor team whose products include Football and Racing selections and strategies and who entered the professional tipster market in 2014. The service has a simple aim: to double your betting bank. It is achieved with the help of “smart staking strategies” which both protect the betting bank and help maximise profits. So confident is Football Advisor about the potential success of this service that they guarantee to “double your betting bank or you get your money back”. Selections are on the win/draw/lose and goals markets, 5-10 per week with no more than 3 on any particular day. They are posted on the website and sent by e-mail by 8 a.m every day. Since the service was introduced in October 2017 an overall profit of 461 points is claimed with a very impressive 88.9% strike rate! A 100 point starting bank is recommended. The service is delivered in a series of up to 4 “cycles”. At time of writing they are in Cycle 2 and so we will be joining in midstream. The staking strategy is clearly a vital aspect so it’s likely that our usual practice of evaluating at both level and advised stakes may not be appropriate. However, once we see the service in action it will be clearer how the product is rolled out and our aim will be to produce monthly reports in the usual way with an overall review after 3 months. The price for entry to the next available ‘cycle' is £39.95.


Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£66.45
Number of bets 54
Number of wins 41
Strike Rate 89.5%
Bank Growth -33.55%
Return On Investment n/a
Review Period 5th October 2018 to 1st January 2019
Cost £39.95 per cycle (where your betting bank is doubled each cycle)

Month 1 Summary

Our Bets for Today Football Advisor’s “Bank Builder” review has been running for a month and, as usual, we are producing an interim report on the service so far.

Key points:

Very reliable notification service. Tips (including blanks) emailed by 8 a.m each morning with back up via website. Precise information given on stakes and selections.

* Realistic advised odds

* Very liquid markets (1 2 X major European Leagues) (* few if any tips during international break periods)

* Usually around 10 tips per week, almost all on Fridays to Mondays

* Requires higher strike rate than so far achieved



Bank Builder seeks to double your starting bank in progressive cycles. You buy into a cycle for £39.95 and the cycle continues until the objective is met. It has two separate “modes” – each costs £39.95 – one concentrates on outright wins, the other on double chance selections. A further category (“Over 1.5 goals/Under 4.5 goals”) has been added free as both the main cycles are struggling for an acceptable strike rate. Our review has concentrated on the standard 1,2,X cycle but we have access to the double chance cycle and complementary over/under cycle and have watched progress on both.



Recommended starting bank is 100 points with a reserve of 50 points which may be injected to boost profits (this has been done on the Double Chance service). Football Advisor has devised and refined a staking strategy that, in short, seeks to play up winnings and minimise the effects of any losing runs. We have been asked not to divulge precise details of the strategy, nor the odds of selections. Our spreadsheet of results does show the matches selected so far (12X only) but historic data is given in the Football Advisor website. I would say that while the staking strategy may seem complicated at first glance, it is actually quite straightforward – plenty of assistance is given if you need it including advised stakes. The success or failure of the service depends on lengthy winning runs and so we are essentially dealing with “banker” selections. Historically the service is said to have achieved a strike rate above 88%.



Bank Builder Bank Builder (Double Chance) Bank builder (Over/under)
Selections 25 43 17
Winners 18 37 17
Losers 7 6 0
Strike rate 72% 86% 100%
Start Bank (points) 100 74.3 100
Current points 44.4 64.7* 151.2

* excludes injection of further 50 points from reserve bank



A series of unexpected slip ups by major clubs has led to disappointing figures for the two flagship services. However, the impeccable performance on over/under which, in little more than a fortnight, is already half way to its objective, shows the possibilities. Hopefully the next two months will see all services on track.

Profit/Loss during the month -£55.60
Number of bets 25
Number of wins 18
Strike Rate 72%
Return On Investment n/a

Month 2 Summary

Our Bets for Today Football Advisor’s Bank Builder review has been running for two months now and, as usual, we are producing a further interim report. As before, because of our undertaking not to reveal details of staking and odds, we can only provide general comments and a few basic statistics.

Unfortunately it’s been a very poor month for the 1/2/X version, only 10 selections, and these included 4 losers, well down on the strike rate required to make the service successful. The current cycle began on 26 August (we have only been monitoring since early October) with a notional bank of £1000 and that bank has now fallen to just over £50.

In fact the current cycle is now so far behind target that a new cycle has been introduced which will run concurrently with the old one and is free to join for existing users. That is in addition to the free “Over/Under” Tips cycle which has been maintaining a high strike rate but not enough, so far, to show profits.

Meanwhile, in complete contrast to the 1/2/X version the “Double Chance” service (which you pay for separately) has done excellently: achieving a 92% strike rate in Month 2 which produced a profit of £1,114 (to advised stakes) in Month 2 and successfully meeting its target of doubling members’ banks.


Results-wise cycle 2 of the 1/2/X service has been extremely disappointing. And the selections have temporarily dried up. Hopefully the gurus at Football Advisor will recover their confidence in the service and things will pick up in Month 3. At present, when looked at a single offering, the service is not value for money.

Alan Dawkins
6 December 2018

Profit/Loss during the month -£14.00
Number of bets 10
Number of wins 6
Strike Rate 60%
Return On Investment n/a

Month 3 Summary

The review of Football Advisor’s “Bank Builder” service has reached its conclusion. Month three was a decided improvement with 17 winners from 19 selections (easily the best month in strike rate terms) and a small improvement in the overall position was recorded.

However, the service still showed a loss of more than 66 points over the 3 months as a whole.

Profit/Loss during the month +£3.14
Number of bets 19
Number of wins 17
Strike Rate 89.5%
Return On Investment n/a

Bank Builder Conclusion

This service aims to double your betting bank with win selections, but that demands a high strike rate with lengthy winning runs. The staking strategy becomes defensive when too many losers are selected so great patience (and faith) is required in that event.

There are signs of improvement and with many of the main European leagues re-emerging from “winter hibernation” there should be no shortage of selections in the weeks ahead. The delivery of the tips has been absolutely reliable, market liquidity is good, advised odds etc are realistic and you are given precise instructions on staking.

There is access too, to a “bot” to simplify the daily processing (but I did not investigate/use it).

However, while the system’s potential is clear (and in fact the equivalent service based on double chance selections has recently successfully doubled its bank within a few weeks), it is difficult to be enthusiastic based on this particular run of selections and results.

Overall we'd have to give this service just two stars, so falls into the failed category.