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Generally speaking, a betting tipster receives payments from other people to provide them with information about what to bet on. Our tipster reviews seek to discover which are worth handing money over to and, more importantly, which ones to avoid. 

The number of free tipsters has recently increased significantly due to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This makes it more difficult for people to find genuine, profitable tipsters.

People often rely on tipsters to provide them with valuable betting information.

However, they don't always receive the quality of tips they were hoping for, which is where our honest betting reviews come in handy.

We provide free betting tips; however, unlike the hordes of Twitter tipsters, we have detailed records of all our bets showing every result of every tip we've ever given out.

Our Review Process

We get access to a service/product and then review that for a minimum of 3 months.  At the end of the review period, we award a rating from 1 to 5 stars.  We consider system cost, profitability, tip delivery, ease of use, and many other factors.  

Current active/available to purchase/join tipster services are listed below:

  • Current Reviews –  Being reviewed right now – sign-up to our free sports betting newsletter for updates)
  • Approved – Passed our rigour tests and scored 4 or 5 stars
  • Neutral – Didn't quite make the grade
  • Failed – We don't think this service is worth joining
  • Obsolete/Defunct – These are no longer available for purchase

As you can see from the tables below, the vast majority of reviews we conduct will end up in the failed/obsolete category.  If you're wondering why there are so many in the Obsolete/Defunct section, it's quite simple.  Most of these systems performed poorly. Therefore, the person/company selling the tips decided to shut the operation down.

What are betting tipster review sites? How do they work?

Let's take a closer peek at how a legitimate review system works.

In most cases, the tipster review site will request access from the tipster they're interested in reviewing, or the tipster may approach them.

The review site will then scrutinise the service for a set period, 3-months tend to be a minimum to gauge profitability and reliability.

An honest appraisal of the service will then be written up, and the football tipster, horse racing tipster etc., will be given a pass, neutral, or fail rating. 

If the service hasn't done well, the reviewer will probably signpost readers to a betting tipster who has performed better during reviews.

If a reader clicks a link through to a tipster, then the tipster review site will often receive a commission.

Honest betting review sites will never compromise their integrity to earn a commission. It isn't worth it. You only get one reputation, so you must act with honour and treat people like you'd want to be treated.

This is how we do things at Bets For Today; the potential commission on offer never influences our judgements. If we report that the service has performed well, it has.

I make my full-time living from betting and trading on sports, and if I come across a helpful betting product or service that could be of use to others, then I am happy to write up about it.

We also have a small team of reviewers who get free access to betting systems/services and provide honest tipster reviews.

Unfortunately, not all sites operate similarly, so you must be careful out there!

Scam Review Sites

Unfortunately, not all sites operate with integrity as we do.

There is excellent money to be earned by scammers creating fake reviews online.

We hear how much Amazon struggles to control fake reviews on its website.

If a behemoth like Amazon has issues controlling fake reviews, you can bet it's also rife in the betting industry.

Let's say that a new football tipster appears, and you want to know if it's any good.

The first thing you'll do is check out testimonials on the sales page.

A good rule of thumb here is that if a betting tipster is brand new, how on earth have they got 7 or 8 testimonials on their site praising their service?

If the sales page allows comments, you can also expect lots of fake praise there.

I've nothing against genuine testimonials, we have them on our in-house tipster services, but we only look to gather them once a service has been running for a few months. We then have genuine customers happy to provide legitimate feedback.

I'm not going to name names in this post, however, all you need to do is look at the reviews pointing to some of the most popular horse racing tipsters, sports trading or footy tipsters.  See if you can spot any similarities in writing styles etc.

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