eSports Betting Guru Review

Welcome to our review of eSports Betting Guru, which should be interesting. eSports is undoubtedly on the rise, both in terms of participation and viewership, which also brings gambling along too.
I have bet on eSports before, but not with any deep knowledge, merely seeking to take advantage of of a Bet £10, get £10 cash back if you lose offer at Betway.

eSportsBettingGuruReviewQuick Review Summary

eSports Betting Guru began in June 2020, so it's a relatively new venture, as is eSports in the grand scheme of things.  It has one of the lowest ROI performances on Betting Gods, which is to be expected as I imagine the margins would be lower than on horse racing markets.

As usual, we are beginning the review with a £1,000 bankroll results will be recorded based £10 level stakes and also on the bank recommend by Dan (eSports Betting Guru).  A 75 point bank is recommended, so we'll be recording advised stakes with the fiddly amount of £13.33.  This allows us to benchmark from one service against another quite easily, so we can have a true reflection of which services perform well.

The eSports betting tips are delivered every day between 11:00 & 13:00 straight into your inbox.  Based on previous months, we can expect to receive around 30 tips per month running at average odds of 1.88.

According to the sales page, the service has average a profit of £48.19 per month to £10 stakes, so just shy of 5 points per month.  Whilst that doesn't sound too bad, monthly fees need to be factored in, so we'll see what's left at the end of it.

To join costs £1.99 for the first 15 days and then £27 per month thereafter.  If you fancy splashing out a little bit more, then you can pay £20.99 for 105 days of access, which then moves onto £27 each month at the end of the trial.

Month One Results

The first month of our review of eSports Betting Guru has drawn to a close and it's been fairly uneventful.  No dramas, no big wins, no big losses.  To be fair to Dan (the tipster), Christmas & New Year did get in the way, which explains why there were only 12 tips, there was a gap over the festive period.

Based on our £1,000 starting bank, the service delivered a small loss of £12.26 in the first month, which equates to a return on investment of -7%.  Obviously, this hasn't covered the monthly fees of £27 but small losses are nothing to be too concerned about at this stage.

I have also recorded results to £10 level stakes (that's £10 per advised point) and this method of staking produced a small loss of £4.20, which is marginally better than the advised staking.

Overall a quiet start and a break-even month are always better than a loss.  The next month of this review should see a ramp-up of selections, so we'll start to get a real flavour for its performance.  As usual, the update will be delivered straight to your inbox if you sign-up for our free sports tips newsletter.

Profit/Loss during the month to advised stakes -£12.26
Profit/Loss during the month to £10 level stakes -£4.20
Number of bets 12
Number of wins 7
Strike Rate 58.33%
Return On Investment 2.67%

Month Two Results

We've reached the end of the second month of our eSports Betting Guru review.  The first delivered a tiny loss, and the second month has, unfortunately, gone the same way.

Overall the losses are certainly manageable at this stage, and as an experienced bettor, they don't concern me too much.  This could very well turn out to be one of those steady away long-term winners, where the losing months are not that disastrous.

Based on our £1,000 starting bank, with £13.33 stakes to advised stakes, the loss in month two was £86.84.  That's a loss of 6.5 points, bringing the total loss across the 2 months to just shy of 8 points.

Results recorded to £10 level stakes (that's £10 per advised point), achieved a loss of £65.15 in the month, that's a £74.35 loss overall.  There's not a massive difference between level-staking and advised-staking but it always pays to consider other options.

A positive swing upwards is needed, and soon to get this service into profit.   Make sure you're subscribed to our free tips newsletter to get the update as soon as they're released.

Profit/Loss during the month not  available yet
Number of bets not  available yet
Number of wins not  available yet
Strike Rate not  available yet
Return On Investment not  available yet

Month Three Results

Month 3 concludes on 10th March 2021, make sure you sign-up for our newsletter to get updated.

Profit/Loss during the month not  available yet
Number of bets not  available yet
Number of wins not  available yet
Strike Rate not  available yet
Return On Investment not  available yet

eSports Betting Guru Conclusion

This review will complete on 10th March 2021


Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes Profit/Loss to Advised Stakes
Profit/Loss +£0 +£0
Number of bets 0 0
Number of wins 0 0
Strike Rate 0% 0%
Bank Growth +0% +0%
Return On Investment +0% +0%
Review Period Started 11/12/20
Cost £27 per month