Rod's Runners Review

Welcome to our Rod's Runners review, where you will see us put this football betting tipster service from Betting Gods under scrutiny for 90 days…

rodsrunnersreviewQuick Summary

Today, we are commencing our Rods Runners review. This is a horse racing system which like many is overseen by the Betting Gods platform. Apparently from the information given on the site, Rod was at university when he got bitten by the horse racing bug and over the years has graduated from amateur to professional backer. It also states that the average monthly profit is in the region of £820! The aim of this service is to back good priced horses at average odds of around 18/1. The tips are sent out daily be e mail usually arriving between 9am and 10 am each day. They can also be accessed via the members’ area of the Betting Gods site and via IOS and Android apps. The service aims to send out between 250 and 300 tips a month and the suggested starting bank is 250 points with bets being placed at £10 a point. I shall be using a 100 point bank at £10 a point for the purpose of this trial. The service Rods Runners has a range of subscription options as follows – £40 for a months’ access, £100 per quarter or an annual option for £350. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. I shall report back in a months’ time with the first of the three updates in respect of our Rod's Runners review.


Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£4,985.50
Number of bets 3152
Number of wins 262
Strike Rate 8.31%
Bank Growth 498.50%
Return On Investment 14.37%
Review Period May 2018 to August 2018
Cost £39.95 per month £99.95 per quarter £349.95 per year

Month 1 Summary

We have now been trialling Rod’s Runners for a month and boy oh boy has it been a roller coaster ride! This service is definitely not for the faint hearted. Over the past month, the service has made an incredible profit of £3652.00 using ten pound win or each way stakes as indicated by the selections. During the month, Rod has sent out a phenomenal seven hundred and eighty nine selections (789) of which, some seventy four (74) have been winners. Potential subscribers should be aware that there are massive losing runs which could seriously deplete your starting bank but, despite this, for those who hang in, the reward appears to be there. Emails for the service arrive in plenty of time with at least one set of selections arriving the evening prior to racing. They contain all of the details needed to place the bet including suggested bookmakers and odds currently available. There are sometimes up to four emails a day, each with a lengthy list of selections

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£3652.00
Number of bets 789
Number of wins 74
Strike Rate 9.38%
Return On Investment 365.2%

Month 2 Summary

We are now at the end of the second month of our trial of Rods Runners and boy oh boy have we been busy. This is still a massive roller coaster ride and the selections come thick and fast averaging forty a day. With losing runs sometimes approaching fifty you certainly need a strong stomach to stay with this one however, despite this, the service continues to make a profit. We started this month with £3642.00 in the bank as profit and have ended the month with £7124.50. The bank therefore has almost doubled which is very impressive. The e mails are good and often there are five or so of these a day to cover all UK racing and some of the American meetings. Do not dismiss these as they can be very lucrative.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£3482.50
Number of bets 1255
Number of wins 109
Strike Rate 8.68%
Return On Investment 23.2%

Month 3 Summary

The review of Rods Runners is finally at an end and as with the previous
months, it has been an extremely busy roller coaster ride.

During this further period, there have been a massive one thousand, one
hundred and eight selections (1108) and again there have been some
staggering losing runs which have seriously depleted the bank. We started
this month with a profit of £7124.50 and have ended with an overall profit for
the three months of £4895-50. This is still very good but represents a loss of
£2129-00 over the month which is not so good.

Rod himself realised the need for a change in his selections (after some long
losing runs) and indeed he may have changed the criteria but it has not
resulted in a rreduction in the number of selections but more likely, an

I have summarised the activity for the final month below:

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£2,129.00
Number of bets 1108
Number of wins 79
Strike Rate 7.13%
Return On Investment -14.90%

Rod's Runners Conclusion

In conclusion then, the system appears to be profitable but on the downside, it is very very time consuming and requires a strong stomach to cope with the long losing runs. It is difficult to give it a grading but I feel that three stars out of five is fair given the nature of the system.