Blueblood Racing Tipster Review

Welcome to our review of the Blueblood Racing Tipster from Tipsters Empire, which I'm looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into, as it's a service that has come impressive results on the site.

It's managed by the team at Tipsters Empire, which have five racing tipster services on their site.  They also maintain another racing service on a standalone site, called JPW Racing.

Joining Blueblood Racing is available at the following price points:

  • £34.99 per month
  • £87.50 per quarter (16.7% discount on monthly)
  • £157.50 per 6 months (25% discount on monthly)
  • £279.99 per year (33% discount on monthly)

It's possible to cancel your subscription at any point, with no complications from getting tied in.

Receiving Blueblood Racing Tips

With regards to receiving the tips, Tipsters Empire send you a text each morning when the tips are live on the site.  This text contains a direct link to read the tips on their website.  You can of course login yourself to receive the tips, but, it's handy to get that notification the exact moment the tips are live.

Tips are sent out well in advance of racing beginning, the day before.  Generally between 6pm & 6.30pm (Monday to Thursday) and 5.45pm to 6.30pm (Friday and Sunday).  Festival tips can sometimes arrive as early as 1pm the day before racing takes place.

Blueblood Racing Betting Bank Required 

A 150 point bank is recommended, therefore betting £5 per point equates to a £750 bankroll.  Blueblood Racing recommend that once your bankroll increases by 50%, that you increase your stakes by 50%.

Blueblood Racing Historical Results

Blueblood Racing have some nice statistics on their previous betting history (service started on 21st January 2021), and hopefully, this review will follow in the same vein.  Time will tell of course.

At the time of starting the review, the service has a stated profit of £2,043.59 to £10 per point stakes.  That's around £255 profit per month, based on a starting bankroll of £1,500.  So even at the most expensive monthly option of £35 per month, that's still a decent monthly return.

I've received access to the service on 29th September 2021, and I'll post my month 1 update in early November.

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Month 1 Update

There were 49 selections during the first month of the review, an average of 1.63 selections per day.  Tips were received the night before via text message, and all tips were also available in the website.

All tips posted by the Blueblood Racing tipster came along with a full and thorough write-up containing the reasoning for the tip.  This is not something that appears very often, but, it seems to be a staple of tipster services at Tipsters Empire.

Of the 49 selections, 13 were straight win bets, and 36 were each-way bets.  15 selections won their races, giving a win strike-rate of 30.61%.

I've started the review with the advised 150 point bank, and based it on £10 per point stakes, as it makes for nice round numbers.

Results are recorded to £10 level stakes, and also Blueblood racing's advised staking plan.

  • +£509.30 to £10 level stakes
  • +£509.30 to advised staking plan

If and when the profit on the advised staking plan hits £750 (50% increase), the stakes will then increase by 50% to.

Therefore month two promises to be interesting if the bank increase is reached.

Final stats for the month are:

  • 93.27% Yield
  • 33.95% ROI

Overall a great start to the review, and very interested to see how this progresses.

Month 2 Update

There were 32 selections during month two of our Blueblood Racing Review. The format of the tips remained the same, full write-up and texts received. The average odds of the 32 selections was 6.68. 13 selections were straight win bets, and 19 were each-way bets.  14 selections won their races, giving a win strike rate of 43.75%. As I'm measuring this service to £10 level stakes, and also to Blueblood racing's advised staking plan, it's worth noting that the advised staking suggested increasing stakes by 50% once 50% profit had been achieved. This happened on 10th November, so stakes increased to £15 per point for advised staking. The profit in the month is as follows:
  • +£326.90 to £10 level stakes
  • +£303.65 to advised staking plan
Overall profit is standing at the following amounts:
  • +£836.20 to £10 level stakes
  • +£812.95 to advised staking plan
Overall another great month, and looking forward to the final push.

Month 3 Update

The third month of our Blueblood Racing Review saw 33 selections delivered, always with a great write-up and via text. The average odds of the 33 selections was 5.23, therefore a bit lower than previous months as shorter priced horses were favoured. 20 of the selections were straight win bets, and 13 were each-way bets.  Of those selections, 8 selections won their races, giving a win strike rate of 24.24%, which is the lowest strike-rate so far, however, it's in line with the average odds this month. The advised staking for Blueblood Racing increased by 50% during our month two review period, therefore a point to advised stakes is worth £15. I've also pegged all results to £10 level stakes. It's worth pointing out that odds advised were generally available as receiving tips via text is a big help. The results in the month is as follows:
  • -£18.70 to £10 level stakes
  • -£35.55 to advised staking plan
Overall profit is standing at the following amounts:
  • +£817.50 to £10 level stakes
  • +£777.40 to advised staking plan
A small loss, but practically a break-even month, but by no means a disaster. It's impossible to win every month when betting on value, so this is not of major concern.