Welcome to our Nap Investor review, where we put this horse racing tipster service from Betfan under the microscope for 90 days.  Nathan Price runs the service, and tips are delivered to our inbox each morning via email and available from the membership area within Betfan.  The Nap Investor review will see results recorded at advised stakes and £10 level stakes.

Nap Investor Cost

£57 per quarter or £99 per 6 months

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Our Nap Investor review has been running for over a month, and the results speak for themselves. From 12th February to 11th March, there have been 61 selections, of which only seven have won.

The bank started at £2,000, and so far, at the advised stakes, it is showing a loss of £930.44. Level staking with straight £50 bets on all of the selections has performed even worse, and the bank there shows a loss of £1,106

The trial is for three months, but in its current form, the bank will likely be exhausted before this unless there is a massive improvement in strike rates.

Finally, I have indicated where selected horses achieved a place, and some may wish to back the selections each way. In the period, 34 selections have been placed.

Nap Investor – Month 1 Details

Opening Balance = £0.00
Bets = 61
Winning Bets = 7
Strike-rate = 11.47%
Monthly P&L = -£930.44
Bal carried forward = -£930.44

I have now been trialling this service for two months, and as with last month, the results speak for themselves. During this period, there have been 151 selections, with just 18 winners in this Nap Investor review!

The starting bank of £2,000 has now been reduced by £1,108.57 to leave a balance of £891.43. Level staking with £50 bets has fared a little better, with an overall loss of £1,179.50 to leave a balance of £820.50.

I am somewhat surprised that there is still money left in the bank at this stage, and the service performance over the Cheltenham and Aintree meetings was abysmal.

As with last month's results, I have indicated where selections have been placed for the information of those who may consider betting each way. To have any chance of turning a profit in the last month of the trial, the service will need a massive upswing in strike rate and on current form, this seems to be very unlikely.

Nap Investor – Month 2 Details

Opening Balance = -£930.44
Bets = 90
Winning Bets = 11
Strike-rate = 12.22%
Monthly P&L = -£178.13
Bal carried forward = -£1,108.57

Overall Totals Month 2

Bets = 151
Winning Bets = 18
Strike-rate = 11.92%
P&L = -£1,108.57

Our Nap Investor review has now ended, and as with previous months,’ the results speak for themselves.

From a starting bank of £2,000 and placing bets according to the author's advised staking plan, the initial bank fell to £355.92, a colossal loss of £1644.08.

Betting to level stakes at £50 per bet has fared even worse with a loss of £910.50, which, when added to the starting bank, makes an overall loss when using this method of staking as £2910.50.

I have, as with the previous months, indicated where selections have been placed for the information of bettors who like to bet each way.

Nap Investor – Month 3 Details

Opening Balance = -£1,108.57
Bets = 93
Winning Bets = 12
Strike-rate = 12.37%
Monthly P&L = -£535.51
Closing Balance = -£1,644.08

Overall Totals Month 3

Bets = 244
Winning Bets = 30
Strike-rate = 12.29%
P&L = -£1,644.08

Nap Investor Review
Nap Investor Conclusion
Throughout the three months trial, there have been 244 selections. Of these, only 30 have won, and a further 61 have also been placed. It appears that the losses suffered may have been slightly less for those who chose to place each-way bets on the selections. ​ The starting bank has made a huge loss of over 80% and on this basis, this system falls into the fail category. ​ Perhaps it could be redeemed by turning itself into a laying system instead!
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