Cleeve Racing Review

Welcome to our Cleeve Racing review, where you will see us put this horse racing tipster service under the microscope for 90 days.  The service has been run since 2011, and has never had a losing year to date.

The website is very professional in it's set up, and you can clearly see the difference when compared to some other services out there. Everything on the site is clear and concise.

When there is a selection an email is sent, which then advises you to log in to the members area.  The Cleeve Racing review will see results recorded at advised stakes and also at £10 level stakes.

cleeveracingreviewQuick Summary

Welcome to our Cleeve Racing review, a horse racing tipster service which has a loyal following from many long term clients. We will be recording every result that he has over the next 90 days, and see whether he can make us a good return. The service started in 2011, and has shown a profit every year since then.

An email is sent out each day letting you know whether to log into the site to check for selections when they arise. The Cleeve Racing review will be recorded at advised stakes and prices, as well as to £10 level stakes.

Follow us on our Cleeve Racing review, and see whether the service can live up to expectations.


Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£136.65
Number of bets 65
Number of wins 17
Strike Rate 26.1%
Bank Growth -13.67%
Return On Investment -21.02%
Review Period 17th September to 16th December 2018
Cost £10 for your first month, £40 per month afterwards, £99 per quarter, £179 per six months or £329 per year

Month 1 Summary

Our first month for Cleeve Racing has started ever so slightly in profit to £10 level stakes, £5 each way or £10 to win.

To advised stakes though a loss of £180 has been seen unfortunately, but it is very clear that the team at Cleeve Racing that we are advised to take the rough with the smooth, and will always end up in profit over time.

For each race a very detailed explanation is given, and the reasoning for selecting it. The email alerting you to check the website is sent the day before in most cases, so you have plenty of time to get selections on. Which is a very useful feature for people who work office hours.

Overall even though we haven't got off to a flying start yet I am confident that our Cleeve Racing review will kick into gear once we get more into the new jumps season. Crossing over from flat to jumps can be a tricky time of year, so I'm sure we'll soon be in profit again as seems to be the case going on past results.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +3.00
Number of bets 23
Number of wins 7
Strike Rate 30.4%
Return On Investment 1.3%

Month 2 Summary

Month two is now at an end for our Cleeve Racing review and by their own admission the last few weeks have not been too favourable for them. They do point to the long term view, and if you look to their past results over the last few years you'll be able to see they do have an excellent record.

There has not been much action, with just six days out of the last thirty one where selections were given out. Whether being this selective is the way to go we will soon see in our final month's review. Their write-ups of each race is very detailed, and you can clearly see they know what they are talking about.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£96.00
Number of bets 14
Number of wins 2
Strike Rate 14.3%
Return On Investment -68.57%

Month 3 Summary

In our third and final month for Cleeve Racing we seen several decent priced winner at odds of 7/1, 9/1 and 7/2 which meant a profit for the month.

I feel that the service has merit, but needs a long term view to be monitored more thoroughly. There are never selections for the sake of it, and a thorough write up is always given for each selection which is good to see.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£44.35
Number of bets 28
Number of wins 8
Strike Rate 28.6%
Return On Investment 15.84%

Cleeve Racing Conclusion

Even though our review didn't go as well as we had hoped I'm still confident Cleeve Racing is a good service, but you certainly need to look at it as a long term money making venture. The rewards are there if you're patient, but just not within our three month trial.

Overall, based on our review I have to give the service a neutral rating with a three out of five score. I will check back on the service in due course, and if things improve I'll let you know by way of the BetsForToday daily newsletter.