Cotswold Racing Review

Welcome to our review of the Cotswold Racing from Tipsters Empire, which will be conducted for a minimum of 3 months to get a good feel for this UK based racing tipster service.

As with our Blueblood Racing Review it's managed by the team at Tipsters Empire, which only manages horse racing tipsters, rather than multiple sports.  Hopefully, their tagline about quality over quantity rings true as we Cotswold Racing through the paces.

Joining Cotswold Racing is easy and packages are available at the following prices:

  • £9.99 for a 40-day trial (new customers only)
  • £34.99 per month
  • £87.50 per quarter (16.7% discount on monthly)
  • £157.50 per 6 months (25% discount on monthly)
  • £279.99 per year (33% discount on monthly)

It's possible to cancel your subscription at any point, with no complications from getting tied in.

The 40-day trial is a great value one-off payment option to give the service a try.

Receiving Cotswold Racing Tips

Tipsters Empire text you when the tips are live.  This is a concise text telling you the selection and advised stake.  If you decide to log into the website, then you will find full reasoning as to why the selection was arrived at.

You can expect to receive the text between 8am & 9.30am each morning.

Cotswold Racing Betting Bank Required

A 150 point bank is recommended, which is what we'll use for this review.

Cotswold Racing Historical Results

Cotswold Racing started in on the 31st January 2020, and according to the results sheet, has turned its starting bankroll of £1,000 into £2,992.07 as of 29th September 2021.

That's an impressive profit of £1,992.07 to £10 stakes inside 20 months.  That equates to £99 per month of profit, and that covers even the most expensive subscription option.

I've received access to the service on 29th September 2021 I'll begin the review from that date.

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Month 1 Update

There were 59 selections during the first month, so a very manageable service in terms of workload.

The tips delivered by Cotswold Racing all had the thought process and reasoning of the tipster.

Of the 59 selections, 21 were straight win bets, 37 were each-way bets, and there was also one trixie bet.  8 selections won their races, giving a win strike-rate of 13.55%.

The service recommends a 150 point bankroll,

I've started the review with the advised 150 point bank, and stakes will be £10 per point.

Results are recorded to £10 level stakes, and also Cotswold racing's advised staking plan.

  • +£311 to £10 level stakes
  • +£311 to advised staking plan

If the profit manages to increase by 50%, then I will increase the stakes by 50% as advised in the recommended staking plan.

Final stats for the month are:

  • 27.04% Yield
  • 20.70% ROI

A steady first month, hopefully, month two can continue in the same vein of form.

Month 2 Update

Another month down, and I'm pleased to report more profits were gained from Cotswold Racing.

£244.55 of profits in fact, which is the same amount as £10 level stakes and to the advised staking structure.

It will be interesting to see what happens in month 3 if the profits are able to increase the starting bankroll by 50%, because at that point the advised staking will see an uplift of 50%.

Anyway, time to break down the figures.  In the month this Tipsters Empire racing tipster sent us 78 selections.

  • 30 were bets to win
  • 48 were each-way bets
  • Average odds were 10.38
  • Strike-rate was 17.72%

Breaking the results down into the win and each-way elements makes for interesting reading.  First up the win bets:

  • 30 selections
  • 11  winners
  • Strike-rate 36.67%
  • Average odds: 6.36
  • Profit = +£184.10

And now the each-way bets:

  • 48 selections
  • 4 winners (8.33% Strike-rate)
  • 24 placed (50% Strike-rate)
  • Average odds: 12.88
  • Profit = +£60.45

So both parts of the service delivered profits, which is always a good thing!

The win bets far outperformed the each-way bets this month, and I'm quite impressed with both the average odds and strike-rate on these racing bets.

Looking forward to seeing how month 3 performs!