L7N Longshots Review

Welcome to our L7N Longshots review, where you will see us put this horse racing tipster service from Betfan under the microscope for 90 days.

The service is run by Michael and tips are delivered to our inbox each morning via email and are also available from the membership area within Betfan.

L7N Longshots Tipster

Quick Summary

L7N Longshots is the brainchild of Michael who also runs another service which we looked at in our Lucky7 Naps Review.  This new racing tipster service launched in April 2015, and according to the sales page has racked up profits of over 2,000 points by backing winners regularly in excess of 20/1.

We'll see how those claims stack up to our experience during the review.

Membership to L7N Longshots gets daily each-way racing tips, which are available inside the member's area, and are also emailed to you around lunchtime.  Evening racing tips tend to be sent out later in the afternoon, so it's important you understand that you're getting a few hours to get your bets on.  I prefer the tips closer to the race start than getting them the night before.  There is more value in getting tips the night before when early prices are higher, but you're more likely for a bookie to restrict your account.


Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£1,006.38
Number of bets 209
Number of wins 42
Strike Rate 20.09%
Return On Investment 48.34%
Cost (prices excluding VAT) £15 per week

£45 per month

£126 per quarter

£214 per 6 months


Month 1 Summary

The first month of our L7N review has got off to a blistering start with 17 of the 69 horses bet on coming home to deliver a profit.
The strike rate of 24.63% is simply staggering for a value backing horse racing system. If this continues throughout the review there'll be some mind-blowing figures at the end!

The emails have arrived on time each afternoon and are easy to follow, which makes it easy to place your bets. The tips are also available if you log in to the member's area with Betfan and having another way of getting access is good.

All in all our L7N Longshots review has had a spectacular start, with a profit of almost £9,558.50 to advised £10 staking units being amongst the best I've ever seen. We've also been recording results to £10 level stakes and that would have netted you a profit of £4,681.80 over the month!

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£4,681.80
Number of bets 69
Number of wins 17
Strike Rate 24.63%
Return On Investment 135.70%

Month 2 Summary

Unbelievable stuff again from Michael at L7N Longshots as another £6,239.65 of profit was secured using the service's advised staking. The total profit actually hit £21,222.55 at one point before having a sticky patch to finish at £15,798.15 after 2 months.

Even on £10 level stakes the service finished with a profit of £6,110.50 after 2 months, so whichever you cut it, there are some amazing profits to be had. The strike rate this month was 18.42%, so slightly down on month 1 but still excellent for a value tipster.

The final month of the review is about to begin and barring an almighty collapse, it looks as though it's going to end with a thoroughly decent profit. I expect a correction at some point because when backing at long odds you always get a lean patch.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£1,428.70
Number of bets 76
Number of wins 14
Strike Rate 18.42%
Return On Investment 38.00%

Month 3 Summary

Well, the correction arrived but it hasn't done anything to dampen my good feelings about this service. I say this because although our review ended on 1st September, Michael went and bagged some big winners on the 2nd, which would have made it even more profitable!

Overall a loss of £8,044.78 in the month using L7N Longshots advised staking plan and it finishes with a very commendable profit of £7,753.37 at the end of our 3 month review period.

We also tracked the results to £10 level stakes and these finished with a total profit of £5,031.90.

The service is well run, affordable and most importantly, profitable. A big thumbs up!

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£1,078.60
Number of bets 64
Number of wins 11
Strike Rate 17.18%
Return On Investment -33.71%

L7N Longshots Conclusion

This delivered fantastic profits, no matter whether you followed advised staking, or simply backed to level stakes.

It's important to note that on advised staking, all the tips received were to use 5 points per bet. Lots of tipsters use points systems for their betting and you usually get a mix of points.

For example, you may receive 2 point, 3 point and 5 point tips on the same day from a tipster, with the point indicating the belief the tipster has in a selection winning.

This hasn't been the case with L7N Longshots as all tips have been 5 points and looking at the proofing on Betfan from before the review and since the review, all tips are always 5 points.

This means that 5 points are really 1 point where this service is concerned, so we have to divide the advised staking results by 5 to get a true reflection of performance.

This means…

Total Profit over review to advised stakes = £1,550.67

Total Profit over review to level stakes = £1,006.38

Still, a nice profit and we're still giving it a pass.

L7N Longshots Review
L7N Longshots Conclusion
It's a value tipping service so my experience tells me that long losing runs are commonplace but I think Michael has this absolutely nailed down and its the each-way aspect which makes it better as you're never waiting too long for a winning bet unlike when you back longshots to win.
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