Chloe's Football Focus Review

Welcome to our Chloe's Football Focus review, where you will see us put this football betting tipster service from Betting Gods under scrutiny for 90 days…

chloesfootballfocusreviewQuick Summary

Welcome to Chloe's Football Focus review, a football betting service run by Chloe. She specialises in providing selections in markets where the bookmakers have overlooked the value that is on offer, so in turn giving us some nicely priced winners. She is selective, and generally only provides one or two selections per day, so quality certainly looks assured.

We will be recording every result that she has over the next 90 days, and see whether she can make us a good profit. I have been looking forward to testing this service out, as I have read many good things about the service.

Selections are sent out each morning around 9am, as well as being available via the members section of the site. The Chloe's Football Focus review will be recorded at advised stakes and prices, as well as to £10 level stakes.

From a look around the site I can see the following key points about the service:

  • 150 points betting bank advised

  • Bets are in various markets including win or draw, half time/full time, overs markets etc.

  • An average profit of £610 is claimed to £10 level stakes

  • Average odds of 4.5

  • Strike rate of around 28%, which is ideal for those looking for a stable service to use


Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£72.00
Number of bets 112
Number of wins 45
Strike Rate 40.1%
Bank Growth 7.2%
Return On Investment 6.43%
Review Period 12th March to 11th June 2018
Cost £25 per month £50 per quarter £150 per year

Month 1 Summary

We have now come to the end of month one for Chloe's Football Focus review, and although when looking to the statistics for backing to straight £10 level stakes doesn't look that impressive at first glance, if you had bet to the advised stakes you'd have seen a much improved profit figure of £377.80. So in this case it looks as though following the suggested staking certainly pays off.

A strike rate of 33% is reassuring and we're never kept waiting long until we see the next winner. A variety of football markets are covered, from straight win markets to overs and understo double result. All easily found on any bookmakers website.

I do like this service, as although there are not too many selections, when there are, they are good quality picks which you can be confident in putting your money on. The betting bank is never at risk too, so for anyone who likes sure and steady services this is one I would say look at. The next two months will be interesting to see if this continues.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£41.60
Number of bets 42
Number of wins 14
Strike Rate 33.3%
Return On Investment 9.9%

Month 2 Summary

Month two has now come to it's conclusion for the Chloe's Football Focus review. Results have been somewhat disappointing with a negative profit figure shown backing to level stakes. The same can be said backing to advised stakes too. Having said that betting to advised stakes you would be ahead by £268.30 over the two months, so this may well be a better option to go for.

One thing that I do like with this service is that the strike rate is high enough to install a degree of confidence, there is never long until another winner.

The selections themselves are easy enough to locate on both Bookmakers and Betfair, and I would say that Chloe's Football Focus review is going well, but only if you bet to the advised stakes. It will be interesting to see how the service pans out now the main football season has finished for the top European leagues.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£53.20
Number of bets 31
Number of wins 13
Strike Rate 42%
Return On Investment -17.16%

Month 3 Summary

The final month has come to an end for the Chloe's Football Focus review, and a profit has been seen this month albeit a modest one. The strike rate has been reasonable but due to odds been low profits aren't as high as they could be. I do like this service, so will be keeping a watchful eye on it. I'd say this may be one to keep an eye once the new football season starts back up again in August, there is definitely potential with this service.
Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£83.60
Number of bets 39
Number of wins 18
Strike Rate 46.1%
Return On Investment 21.44%

Chloe's Football Focus Conclusion

After three months of reviewing Chloe's Football focus I have to say it is a reliable service to follow, and I will be interested to see how it pans out in once the 2018/2019 football season starts for all the major European leagues. Month one started well, month one dipped a little, then the third and final month pulled back the loss of the previous month to level £10 stakes… However, betting to advised stakes would have seen a very respectable profit of £357.20, which is a decent return. Overall I would rate this service as neutral to level stakes, and approved to advised stakes. Definitely one to watch next season. With a steady strike rate around 40% you are never without a winner for long.