Welcome to our Loophole Trader review, where you will learn about this strategy combining sports trading and betting. This is very much a low-risk strategy, which has the potential to deliver steady profits for those who take the time to learn via the online trading course.

Loophole Trader Quick Summary

When you purchase Loophole Trader, you can access the course, divided into individual sections/modules. As you complete each module, you can see the percentage of the course you completed. The course is well-presented and easy to follow. If you have to do it over a few days, you will quickly know which lesson you finished the last time you logged in.

Al Gibbs created Loophole Trader. Al has been trading on Betfair since 2007. Although this strategy focuses on a mixed use between bookies and exchanges, Al has also worked on a Betfair-only version for those without bookmaker accounts. It's worth noting that the Betfair-only version of this strategy is included FREE at no extra cost to anyone who buys the primary Loophole Trader strategy.

Telegram is recommended to get the most from the strategy and support from Al. He has a Loophole Trading Telegram page, a Betfair Only Trading Group and a General Chat Group.

As a purchaser, you are also welcome to apply for a FREE Live Trading Session with Al, where he can walk you through the strategy to ensure you know exactly what to do and in what order. That's a fantastic offer, one not offered by many!

Loophole Trader is available for a low one-off payment with no subscriptions or extra charges. It's a reasonable price considering the low-risk earning potential and the excellent support offered by Al.

You can learn more about Loophole Trader here>>> https://www.betsfortoday.com/LoopholeTrader

How Much Can You Make Using Loophole Trader?

Well, that's the million-dollar question. The truth is, like any strategy, it depends on how much time you devote to it. I would recommend a starting bankroll of £400/£500. However, you can begin with as little as £100. The beauty of this is that you're only paying a one-time fee to join, then it doesn't matter if you only average £1 profit per bet when learning/practising the system. After the initial outlay, all that profit returns you to a favourable position.

I'm trying to write this review without giving away the secret to how and why it works. However, I can reveal that the main strategy involves using bookmakers who offer Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG).

I've completed around 100 trades during my trial of the strategy, and I made an average of £8 to £9 per profitable trade. The losing trades averaged £2 to £3 and happened about 30% of the time.

Can Profits Be Compounded?

Yes! For my trial, I placed my bets using one bookmaker at a time as I was learning the strategy and wanted to focus on getting it correct before expanding. However, now that I'm comfortable with Loophole Trader, let's say there is a horse available at the same odds at five different BOG bookies, well you can place that bet on all 5, and instead of getting a £9 profit, you're getting £9 per bookie for £45 overall.

The more bookmakers with Best Odds Guaranteed you have access to, the more profit you can potentially make per race. It certainly makes things interesting!

A specific scenario outlined in the trading course can give profits a massive bump of up to £100 per trade. I wasn't fortunate enough to hit any during the review. However, it's very much a volume thing; if you place more bets, then the scenario will play out at some point.

The creator of Loophole Trader, Al Gibbs, made a profit of £3,000 within three months using only two bookmakers. With more bookmakers comes more profits. It's as simple as that.

You can learn more about Loophole Trader here>>> https://www.betsfortoday.com/LoopholeTrader

Loophole Trader Summary

It's not often you get to assess a genuinely low-risk betting strategy, and I firmly believe it can make a very welcome addition to most people's betting portfolios.

You will go on an inevitable winning streak at a bookmaker. That risks the Best Odds Guaranteed concession being removed from that account. However, that's not a significant issue, as you should have secured some excellent profits in the process. You will also be familiar with the system and ready to try out the Betfair Only version of the strategy.

Anyway, it's a solid pass and comes recommended!

Make hay whilst the sun shines, and make profits from this loophole!

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