Bet Fairway Review

Welcome to our Bet Fairway review, where you will see us put this golf betting tipster service from Betfan under scrutiny for 90 days…
betfairwayreview Quick Summary We are carrying out a three month review of the Golf Betting service Bet Fairway which is a golf betting service under the Betfan platform. As indicated by the title, the service aims to provide bets for the weeks upcoming golf tournaments and their website states that no golf betting experience is required. Selections are sent out via e mail and posted in the members section of the site up to five days a week according to the current action taking place (generally from a Wednesday through to Sunday) and their aim is for these to be available online prior to 11 am each day in order to give plenty of time to place the relevant bets. It can readily be seen that there is a large incentive to take out the annual option. There is however no mention on the site of either a refund or cancellation period. I will be recording the results of the selections given out by the service to their advised stakes and also to £10 level stakes and will report back in a month’s time with an update of the results.


Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£1387.32
Number of bets 128
Number of wins 10
Strike Rate 7.8%
Bank Growth -138.73%
Return On Investment -54.19%
Review Period 6th June – 30th August 2018

£40 for 28 days, £99 for 90 days

or £199 for a full year

Month 1 Summary

We have reached the end of the first month of our trial of the Bet Fairway golf betting service and I have to say that the results have not been good.
During the month, I placed a total of thirty seven bets and only four of these won, one of which only got our stake back.

Although I do not either play or indeed understand the game, I regularly bet on golf as the returns when successful can be very good. In respect of this service, I would like to see the selections given out on a Tuesday which is when I normally bet as the prices can contract very quickly after opening shows and I feel that I am often missing out on the best prices with this.

The loss at advised stakes is even bigger and currently, the £1000 starting bank there is now down to £500 so it has halved in only a month. Hopefully the service can turn around in the second month but it will need a very good strike rate to recover these sorts of losses.

A further update will be posted in a months time.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£200
Number of bets 37
Number of wins 4
Strike Rate 10.81%
Return On Investment -28.9%

Month 2 Summary

We are now at the end of the second month of our trial of the Bet Fairway
golf betting review and unfortunately, the results have been even worse than last month.

During the second month of testing, I have placed a total of fifty three 
bets and of these, only three have been winners.

I said in last months review that i would like to see the selections given out earlier when possible as prices tend to contract quite quickly soon after the bookmakers have priced up. This to a small degree seems to have been taken on board as some selections are arriving earlier than in the past.

Once again, the loss at advised stakes is even bigger and had you followed
the selections over the past month at advised stakes then you would be well in the red with your current bank standing at -£1019.50.

This represents a loss of £1519.50 since last month which is truly dreadful. I cannot see any way that these sorts of losses can be recovered in the final month of the trial but will report back then with a final update on this service.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£590.50
Number of bets 53
Number of wins 3
Strike Rate 5.67%
Return On Investment -57.90%

Month 3 Summary

We have now come to the end of our review of the Bet Fairway service. I stated last month that results were bad and this month, they have been even worse!

I really am at somewhat of a loss as to what to say about this service so perhaps will let the figures do the talking. I have said before that the bookmakers price these markets up generally on a Tuesday but the selections are not arriving until at least a day later, and by then, many of the best prices are gone.

Returns to advised stakes are even worse and your starting bank of £1000 would be reduced to a whopping total loss of £3661.54. In the light of the figures, I cannot award this service any stars at all.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£596.82
Number of bets 38
Number of wins 3
Strike Rate 7.89%
Return On Investment -84.05%

Bet Fairway Conclusion

Unfortunately Bet Fairway from Betfan failed miserably, which is a shame. Maybe the service will improve, but for now we're going to have to fail this service, and as David said in his review it will not be receiving any star rating due to the heavy losses that came about.