Football Value Tips Review

Welcome to our Football Value Tips review, where you will see us put this football tipster service under the microscope for 90 days.  The service is run by Phil and tips are delivered to our inbox each morning via email.  The Football Value Tips review will see results recorded at advised stakes and also at £10 level stakes.

footballvaluetipsreviewQuick Summary

 Welcome to our Football Value Tips review, our latest betting opportunity to be reviewed for Bets For Today.

We are putting “Football Value Tips” to the test for the next 3 months to see whether the service lives up to its publicity. It's offered by Phil Rushton, who has 17 years experience of online betting, together with his team of tipsters.

As the title suggests the service seeks to identify value bets concentrating mainly on the EPL and other major European Leagues. A strike rate of better than 46% is claimed, along with consistent monthly profits and no excessive losing runs.

An unusual feature for those of us who prefer simplicity and not to have to spend too much time at our screens is that all tips for the week ahead are sent by a single email, the whole process is said to take 5-10 minutes a week to complete. 

The Football Value Tips review will begin on 15th September 2018 and, as usual, interim reports will be produced at the end of months 1 and 2 with the final summary and review after month 3.


Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£118.60
Number of bets 72
Number of wins 25
Strike Rate 34.7%
Bank Growth -11.7%
Return On Investment -16.5%
Review Period tbc
Cost £14.95 per month or £67 per year

Month 1 Summary

Our Bets for Today Football Value Tips review from Phil Rushton has been running for a month and, as usual, we are producing an interim report on the service so far.

Key points

* Very easy to operate, just a few minutes a week via an email on Friday mornings

* Realistic advised odds

Very liquid markets and mainstream categories (1 2 X, Double Chance, BTTS, Any Time GoalScorer)

* 6 tips per week (mainly EPL), 3 during the International Break

* High strike rate but, so far, low profitability


13 winners have resulted from the 27 tips in Month 1, an impressive strike rate especially as week 2 only scored one success from the 6 selections. However this has not yet been reflected in consistent profitability: 2.36 points ahead at level stakes and 2.175 at advised stakes.

Interim Conclusion

A simple service with a very decent strike rate. With the international break out of the way I’m hoping for an impressive second month of tipping to get the ROI up.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +23.60
Number of bets 27
Number of wins 13
Strike Rate 48%
Return On Investment 1.8%

Month 2 Summary

The review of Phil Rushton’s value tips service has now completed its second month. Unfortunately the promising start of month one has not been maintained and a loss is now showing across the board.

Month 2: Tips given between 20 October and 10 November.

Once again the tips consisted of six per weekend, majoring on the EPL. Delivery continued to be via a simple email on Friday mornings.

After achieving a 48% strike rate in Month one, the rate plummeted in Month two. Just six wins from the twenty four selections (strike rate 25%). Despite one of the winners being a Correct Score (0-0, Southampton vs Newcastle) at odds of 8.0, this resulted in a loss at level stakes and a very large one, of over 35 points, at advised stakes.

The first week of the second month’s review resulted in six straight losers. Things were better in weeks two and three but any hope of a recovery was dashed by achieving only a single winner in the fourth week.

A big task ahead to get back on track.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£76.00
Number of bets 24
Number of wins 6
Strike Rate 25%
Return On Investment -31.67%

Month 3 Summary

The Phil Rushton’s Football Value Tips review  has reached its conclusion. Unfortunately the downturn experienced in Month two was continued in Month three with only six winners from twenty one selections (28.6% strike rate).

It's a shame, as the service is nice and straightforward with emails arriving like clockwork well in advance.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£74.60
Number of bets 21
Number of wins 6
Strike Rate 28.6%
Return On Investment -35.5%

Football Value Tips Conclusion

Month three was another disappointing period for the Football Value Tips service. The 28.6% strike rate was well down on what is required to make a profit at level stakes, and dragged down the overall strike rate for the review to 34.7%. Average odds are around 2.5 so a rate around 40% is required simply to break even.

Over the three months our notional bank fell by 11.7% to level stakes of £10 while at advised odds (which are usually 5 points for straight bets and 1.5 to 2.5 for more speculative ones) the performance was relatively worse: a negative return on investment of some 18.9% and a decline in the bank's value of 54%.

I've commented favourably already on the “nuts and bolts”: it’s a very simple and reliable service especially as regards the odds that are generally easy to find and quite often to better.

But winners are the name of the game and those have have been few and far between in recent weeks. I am sure the tipster's luck will turn at some point as his overall published record is impressive. But at present I feel the service is “best watched”.