Racing Genius Review

Welcome to our Racing Genius review, where you will see us put this horse racing tipster service under the microscope for 90 days.  The service is run by Pete Thomson and tips are delivered to our inbox each morning via email. The Racing Genius review will see results recorded at advised stakes and also at £10 level stakes.


Quick Summary

Welcome to our Racing Genius review, a horse racing tipster service from Pete Thomson.

We will be recording every result that he has over the next 90 days, and see whether he can make us a good return. The service looks to have started in December 2017, so is a relatively young service, but going on the recorded results on the site that isn't a problem.

Selections are sent by email each morning by 10am. The Racing Genius review will be recorded at advised stakes and prices, as well as to £10 level stakes.

From first inspection I notice the following key points from Racing Genius:
* Bets are advised to win or each way
* A 45% strike rate is to be expected
* Return on investment at 52%
* Using bookmakers is advised who offer BOG, but is still profitable at Betfair
* 100 point betting bank advised

Follow us on our Racing Genius review, and see whether Pete can live up to expectations.


Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£125.71
Number of bets 151
Number of wins 51
Strike Rate 33.78%
Bank Growth 12.57%
Return On Investment 8.32%
Review Period tbc
Cost £14.95 per month, £67 per year

Month 1 Summary

Our first month of the Racing Genius review has now come to an end, and things are looking nice and steady for this relatively young service from Pete Thomson. He emails selections each day, typically before 10am the day of racing, sometimes the night before. Within his email he lets you know which bookie has the best odds, and if they are offering extra places for when bets are advised as each way bets.

The majority of bets are each way, the others win only. Pete always seems to advise either half a point each way, or one point to win, so no fancy playing about with points values etc. There aren't bets everyday, as Pete is selective and it shows in his professional outlook regarding results.
Results have been recorded to advised odds or best odds guaranteed when odds increase before the the start of the race. I found prices easily available for an extended time which is encouraging.

Whether the service could be used on Betfair only I don't know, but it may well be possible if you place the bets as soon as the email arrives each day.

Overall I am happy with this service, the betting bank has never suffered greatly, and the strike rate is high enough to not cause too much concern for the future. Join me next month for our second month Racing Genius review.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£155.62
Number of bets 73
Number of wins 25
Strike Rate 35.70%
Return On Investment 40.95%

Month 2 Summary

Our second month of our Racing Genius review is now in, and it's not been as good as the first month unfortunately. To be fair there have been winners, just not enough to make this month profitable. I guess this is part and parcel of backing at slightly higher odds, losing runs do and will occur.

Pete's emails are still arriving into my email account like clockwork each day, having said that he does not give out selections on Sunday and Monday's, purely due to racing not been of a good enough quality to make it worthwhile.

What I do like about this service is that he clearly advises you which bookmakers to use who are offering extra places and better places terms, as well as the bookmakers offering the better prices, so I can see he is always looking for value on all of his selections, which is always a good sign.

Overall the service is in profit, just, at £37.84 to £10 level stakes since the start of our trial. It will be interesting to see how the third and final month does, I do hope it improves once again, as Pete is a really genuine guy who is clearly working hard to make his selections the best they can be. Speak to you all next month.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£117.78
Number of bets 42
Number of wins 11
Strike Rate 26.1%
Return On Investment -22.65%

Month 3 Summary

The third and final month of our Racing Genius review seen an improvement on last month, but although the winning strike rate was better than the first month, the profit seen was not quite as high as the first month. Still £87.87 to advised stakes, either a £5 each way bet or a £10 win bet is good in anyone's books.

There were only just over half of days when a selection was given out, and Pete does this for a very good reason. Some days racing is just of a poor quality, so he prefers to not give out selections just for the sake of it, which I personally do like. Definitely quality over quantity.

What is good too is that he tells you which bookmakers are offering extra places, as well as which ones are offering enhanced place payouts. This all adds up, so a nice addition to the service. Also that he does not advise varying points values per bet, straight half a point each way or one point win, so this service is very transparent in this respect.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +87.87
Number of bets 36
Number of wins 15
Strike Rate 42%
Return On Investment 24.41%

Racing Genius Conclusion

Now our Racing Genius is over we can see that the service is capable of making a profit, which is although not that much to advised level stakes of £10 per horse, it is certainly relatively stable. So with confidence higher stakes could produce the goods.

Pete clearly does his homework, and before giving out the selections for the day checks on where the best prices are, as well as which offer enhanced place odds etc.

Overall I would give this service a score of 3 ½ out of 5 stars at this point in time. I do get the feeling that this could be a service worth getting involved with, and at just £14.95 or £67 for the year it is definitely good value for money.