Welcome to our Banker Bets review, where we will put this football tipster service under the microscope for 90 days.  When you sign up, the Banker Bets tips are delivered to your inbox daily via email. Tips are also available from within the website's membership area.  The Banker Bets review will see results recorded at advised stakes and £10 level stakes.

Banker Bets Quick Summary

Today, we are starting a three-month trial of the Banker Bets service. They say it offers consistently low-risk profit from worldwide football investment. John Baker, with an address in Arizona, USA, runs the service.

Payment is via Paypal, although there are alternative options available. There is also a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee.

Selections are emailed to place the bets with a complete well before the matches begin.

For review purposes, I will stick to the leading bookmakers; therefore, odds should be available to all.

I shall be placing one point on each selection. I will report back in December with the first month’s update.

You can learn more about Banker Bets here>>> https://www.betsfortoday.com/BankerBets

Results are updated here>> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EEhSmaZXKOcl-VE1HypDrpY8FYbcAlEo6r9hrL6oDSs/edit?usp=sharing

Month 1 Update

I started this review of Banker Bets on 26th October, and these results go up until 25th November. The emails are delivered precisely at 4 am each morning.

Secondly, the odds for the selections are extremely low, with most hovering around 1/5 to 2/5 (1.20 to 1.40 in European odds). As a rule, these odds don't fill me with great confidence because it only takes one loss to wipe out several wins. So let's delve into how the service has performed.

There were 23 selections, comprising fifteen winners, six losers and two pushes. The pushes were “draw no bet” bets where the match ended in a draw.

The advised odds averaged out at 1.30 per bet. This included bookmakers that aren't available to UK customers; therefore, the actual available odds I found averaged out at 1.28 per bet, so a little less value is available for British and Irish punters.

All bets were either for a team to win or a team to win on a draw no-bet selection, making it a straightforward service to follow. No complicated staking plans.

A 100-point betting bank is used, and betting £10 per point (£1,000 bank) has seen the balance sit at £969.50 at the end of the first month, a loss of £30.50. Not a disaster.

You often receive two bets on the same day, so I analysed whether betting those days as doubles would be any better, and it's a marginal improvement, taking the balance to £973.40 for a loss of £26.60.

Let's see what month two brings to this service.

You can learn more about Banker Bets here>>> https://www.betsfortoday.com/BankerBets

Month 2 Update

Month Two results of our Banker Bets review take us up to the 25th of December.

The odds were broadly in line with the previous month, although there were not many selections this month.

There were four selections, comprising four winners, for a 100% strike rate.

The advised odds averaged out at 1.31 per bet. Once again, this included bookies unavailable to British & Irish punters, so I took the odds I could find. These odds averaged out at 1.30, so there is not much in it.

All four bets in the month were on the firm favourites to win. However, the Eibar match was a Draw No Bet type of bet.

The bankroll now stands at £991.40 after two months of betting. This is not a disaster. It will take some effort to get significant profits, though.

Last month, I also monitored the possibility of placing double bets when receiving two bets on the same day. That resulted in one double this month, which won. The bankroll, if placing doubles, stands at £986.51, so slightly worse than placing bets normally.

You can learn more about Banker Bets here>>> https://www.betsfortoday.com/BankerBets