The Basketball Geek Review

Welcome to our review of The Basketball Geek, which promises to be an entertaining ride. I'm always interested in services which attempt to make money from sports, away from the big 4 (that's football, horse racing, golf and tennis in my eyes).

My only basketball betting previously has been in a matched betting capacity, trying to grab a free bet.  We all know that Basketball is biggest and glitziest in the USA with the NBA being the star attraction.  However, it is massive throughout Europe too, with many football teams having basketball sides too, Barcelona basketball etc!

thebasketballgeekreviewQuick Review Summary

The Basketball Geek tipping service began in November 2019, so it's building up a nice bit of back story to it's performances.  The overall return on investment is a healthy looking 17%, if that continues during the review, we're in for a treat.

We are starting the review with a £1,000 bankroll.  I will record results to £10 level stakes and also on the bank recommend by Steven (The Basketball Geek). 

A 75 point bank is recommended, which means the dreaded £13.33 stakes will be used in our spreadsheets again.  I know this wouldn't be the actual stakes we'd use, it's just that we start all reviews with £1,000, then we can easily rank them against one another in terms of profitability.

The Basketball betting tips are delivered every day between 07:00 & 09:00 straight into your inbox.  We can expect to be busy with this review and receive over 100 tips per month running at average odds of 3.04.

According to the sales page, the service has average a profit of £571.89 per month to £25 stakes, so just shy of 23 points per month.  If it performs to that level, then even at conservative stakes, the membership fee will be more than covered.

To join costs £1.99 for the first 15 days and then £27 per month thereafter.  If you fancy splashing out a little bit more, then you can pay £19 for 105 days of access, which then moves onto £27 each month at the end of the trial.

Month One Results

The first month of our review of The Basketball Geek has concluded what a sensational start.  Based on a £1,000 starting bank, we made a profit of £230.74 from 118 bets using the recommended staking.

To £10 level stakes, the profit was £173.10, meaning that either method would have more than covered the monthly fees for this service.

The average odds for the tips during this first month were 4.92, which is higher than most two-team winner services.

Really looking forward to future months of this one, it's hectic with the sheer number of bets, but incredibly good fun to monitor.


Profit/Loss during the month to advised stakes +£230.74
Profit/Loss during the month to £10 level stakes +£173.10
Number of bets 118
Number of wins 38
Strike Rate 32.20%
Return On Investment 14.66%

Month Two Results

We've reached the end of the second month of our The Basketball Geek review from Steven at Betting Gods.  The first month delivered great profits, let's delve into how month two performed.

The profits were in no way similar to month one.  They were even better! A staggering £502.10 to advised stakes and £376.10 to £10 level stakes.

The starting bankroll of £1,000 is now at a healthy £1,732.75 and it was another fairly busy month with an average of 4 tips per day.  The average odds were once again very healthy, coming in at 4.68.

Profit/Loss during the month to advised stakes +£502.01
Profit/Loss during the month to £10 level stakes +£173.10
Number of bets 120
Number of wins 46
Strike Rate 38.33%
Return On Investment 31.38%

Month Three Results

Let's find out how month three of the review panned out.  Did the basketball tipster suddenly collapse and lose the previous months profits?  It's a resounding no, The Basketball Geek delivered yet again!

A  superb £769.67 to advised stakes and £577.40 to £10 level stakes.

The starting bankroll of £1,000 is now at £2,502.42 and it was a busy month with around 5 tips per day.  The average odds were once excellent, at 4.77.

Profit/Loss during the month to advised stakes +£769.67
Profit/Loss during the month to £10 level stakes +£577.40
Number of bets 147
Number of wins 53
Strike Rate 36.05%
Return On Investment 39.27%

The Basketball Geek Conclusion

Whether you're looking for NBA predictions today or Euroleague betting tomorrow, The Basketball Geek has got you covered.  There are several basketball tipsters available online, but I think this service will be hard to beat.

Over the course of 3 months, the Betting Gods service has sent through 385 tips, which made for a busy time.  However, I much prefer to be busy if the service I'm following is delivering value.  Send me tips and send me lots of them, because the more bets I place with value, the more I will make over time.

This is very much the case here.  The basketball tips were jam-packed full of value with average odds of 4.79.  A strike-rate of 35.58% aided matters.

The Basketball Geek costs £1.99 for a 15-day trial and then £27 per month after that.  An extended trial of £29 for a 105-day trial is also available, which then goes to £27 per month.  Signing up for either is backed up by the cast-iron Clickbank 30-day moneyback guarantee.  You are also free to cancel at any point.

This is a service I'm adding to my own portfolio and I will continue to monitor results over the coming months.

I've no hesitation in marking this service as Bets For Today recommended!



Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes Profit/Loss to Advised Stakes
Profit/Loss +£1,127.10 +£1,502.42
Number of bets 385 385
Number of wins 137 137
Strike Rate 35.58% 35.58%
Bank Growth +112.71% +150.24%
Return On Investment +29.28% +29.28%
Review Period Started 5/11/20
Cost £27 per month