RebelBetting Review

Welcome to our review of RebelBetting, which I'm looking forward to, as it's a service that has been around for over 10 years, and they've had over 100,000 members.  Those sort of numbers seem to indicate they must be doing something right, however, we'll find in more detail as the review progresses.

RebelBetting has two main features, both of which carry a separate subscription.  Value Betting, which is operated in any web browser, and Sure Betting, which is a software download.  They also have some matched betting software, but, for the purposes of this review, it's the value betting and sure bets, that are of most interest.

I'll be starting off the review by taking a look at the Value Betting side of things for a couple of months and then moving on to the Sure Betting software.

As a professional gambler, Value Betting is something I have experience with, so I'm actually testing the water on this one with my own cash.  It's not often that I place actual bets when reviewing a service, as you never know how they'll perform.

That also rings true here, however, I want to get a real feel for the software, and whether the profits come close to the predicted claims of Rebel Betting.

I've started off with £1,000, and I'm going to aim to place around 30 to 50 bets per day.  I'll try and do those every day however I'm only human so there may be days where you know I have a life and have something else to do.

RebelBetting First Impressions

Rebel Betting certainly presents itself as a professional service for professional punters and when you first log in and that's very apparent with the helpful tutorial to get you started.

When you first log in a little pop-up comes up and gives you a tour of the inside of the site, how to use the service and how to place your bets.

When you first click the button it displays a list of make-believe example bets. When you click one of those it brings up the fixture details, such as which league is playing, when the event starts, which bookmaker, what the odds are, what the value percentage is and you can choose which stake you'd like to use .

Once you've chosen your stake and you've got all the information correct you simply click the Bet button. By clicking the bet button it will open up the selection into the appropriate bookmaker, and more often than not, it will pop the selection and the correct stake amount into your betslip. 

After placing your bet at the bookie, you then go back to the Value Betting screen on RebelBetting and you can now click the log button.  Clicking the log button will then record the bet you just placed inside Rebel Betting and it's a nice easy way of tracking your profit.

Another fantastic feature that became immediately clear, is that RebelBetting track the events you've bet on for you.  This means you don't need to be keeping an eye on live scores and checking results manually.

When you log a bet with RebelBetting, the software will automatically settle the bet in the tracker once the result is known, and it will display whether you made a profit or a loss in your bet tracker. 

The bet tracker is a log of all the bets placed including results profits and statistics.

When I moved onto the live betting module Rebel Betting detected that I'm from the United Kingdom and it automatically made sure that my currency was reporting in GBP and my timezone was set to the correct timezone.  A nice little feature because they've clearly got customers from all around the world. 

Tweaking Rebel Betting Options/Settings

Immediately I was struck with how many value bets were available on the screen.  Nine value bets were listed however due to the filters in place and the fact I was waiting to have my membership upgraded to Pro, there were another 300+ value bets that were not displaying.

Before getting started I went to the options, where you can enter your current bankroll and your starting bankroll, which is the same because I'm starting from scratch.  As I mentioned earlier, for the purposes of this review I decided to go with a £1,000 bankroll.

I have also kept the maximum stake at 1.5% of the bankroll, which is the default option within Rebel Betting.   Within the options you can also change filters such as whether you want value percentages over 110% or you want to keep them lower.

Personally, and with my previous experience of value betting, I will keep them lower through the review.  Anything too high can be a bit crazy for variance, so I think I'm going to keep them at sensible value levels.

Another nice option in the settings is the ability to select or deselect bookmakers so that you're only seeing bets for bookmaker accounts that you actually hold. 

Another powerful feature is that when you are faced with a bookmaker option you can choose the domain that you actually use that bookmaker because bookmakers operate worldwide and the site that you go to stay in the UK is not necessarily so it may be so within RebelBetting you can make sure that when you click through to a bookmaker you're going straight through to the correct URL.

 The final setting I have chosen is a change my odds format from fractional UK-based odds to European decimal odds.  I've also made sure that the rounding on old bookmakers is to the nearest £, which gets rid of any silly stake amounts with bookmakers. 

Placing Value Bets with RebelBetting

I've been absolutely blown away by how simple placing bets and record-keeping is.  It's been incredible to be perfectly honest.

You see the value that you're interested in, you click it to open up the proposed bet. You read the details, click “bet” and then invariably it loads of the bookmaker puts the bet into your bet slip, sometimes along with the stake.  All you need to do is click the place bet button at the bookmaker and that's it, you're done.

You then go back to the RebelBetting Value Betting software and click log and it is then recorded in your profit tracker.  It couldn't be simpler. Within the first half an hour I'd already placed over 20 bets and that wasn't going as fast as I could have done.

One thing that my initial half-hour of placing bets on RebelBetting impress me with was how it handles bookmakers that are linked. 

When a linked bookmaker comes up with odds, for example, 32red they're obviously part of a group such as Unibet, 888sport who all have the same odds on the same market.

As soon as you choose the book make you wish to place the bet with and click log bet all the other options for that selection and disappear so there's no danger of you accidentally duplicating your bet at any point.

 In fact, if a similar bet on the same event comes around, it has a warning that you already have bets running on this match!

Overall, I'm very impressed with my day one experience of value betting.  All that remains to be seen is if the value actually comes back to me and I make a real-world profit.

I will follow this for a minimum of 3-months and we'll see where we're at.  I'm quite excited about this one, and I have all my fingers and toes crossed as there's real cash on the line!

Make sure you stay tuned to the newsletter for updates as the review progresses.

Month One Update

The first month is now complete, and it's fair to say it couldn't have gone much better.  My initial target was to try and place 30 bets per day.  To be honest, I didn't expect to achieve that target, however, it has been ridiculously easy to do that, and it took me around 30 mins in total per day.

This is a live betting review, as in I'm actually using my own cash to see how this panned out. As I mentioned earlier in the RebelBetting Review, that is because I have previous experience with value betting, so had some degree of confidence that it could go well, providing their algorithms were on point.

After 30 days, I've placed 943 bets, have achieved a return on investment of 113%, resulting in my initial £1,000 bankroll turning into £2,087.50.  Based on £11,328.50 worth of bets, the yield has been 9.60%. Incredible stuff!

To achieve this, my average stake has been £12.01, and the average odds have been 2.04.

Barring some disaster, this is certainly heading towards being one of the most profitable services I have ever discovered.

By using the link below you can take out a FREE 14 day trial of RebelBetting Value Betting Pro.

Month Two Update

What a rollercoaster of a month this was.  I've been travelling/holidaying for a fair chunk of it, therefore I didn't manage to place as many bets as in month one, however, I still managed to place 652 bets.

Placing bets on my mobile phone was in many ways easier, as the links in RebelBetting work quite well. especially with Betfair, Smarkets and Bet365.

As with the first month, I've used my own cash in this review and it got off to an absolute flyer, with the profit peaking at a total of £1,701.60 on 10th November.  From there the balance, went down, and up, and down and up.

This is the reality of value betting, but as I've been value betting for many years, I'm quite comfortable with the twists and turns.

Month 2 Stats

  • £187.58 Profit
  • £2,087 Start Bankroll
  • 611 Bets
  • £116,976.85 Turnover
  • 1.10% Yield
  • £2,275.15 End Bankroll

Overall Stats (after two months)

  • £1,000 Start Bankroll
  • 1595 Bets
  • £28,305.35 Turnover
  • 4.50% Yield
  • £18.21 Average stake
  • 2.06 Average Odds
  • £2,275.15 End Bankroll

A frustrating month, but we'll see what month 3 brings, and I'll try and hit at least 600 bets to get to over 2,000 real-world bets in total.

By using the link below you can take out a FREE 14 day trial of RebelBetting Value Betting Pro.

Month Three Update

As a quick reminder, during this review I am betting actual money.  This is not a paper-trading review, therefore results indicate a true experience a bettor may have trying to fit things in around their busy lives.

This month of the RebelBetting review occurred in December, and for the first part of it I was in Portugal, and the second was boozy catch-ups with friends and family over Christmas.

All in all, I didn't place as many bets as intended, however, I will rectify this in January and intend to place 1,000 bets during the month.

Anyway, that's enough about me, I just wanted to provide context.

It was another profitable month, with reasonable average stakes and a great yield:

Month 3 Stats

  • £319.24 Profit
  • £2,275.15 Start Bankroll
  • 219 Bets
  • £6,573 Turnover
  • 4.86% Yield
  • £1,594.39 End Bankroll

Overall Stats (after three months)

  • £1,000 Start Bankroll
  • 1595 Bets
  • £34,878.35 Turnover
  • 4.57% Yield
  • £19.67 Average stake
  • 2.06 Average Odds
  • £1,594.39 End Bankroll

A decent month, even if I didn't hit my target of 600 bets.  January will be much busier and I'll also be starting to take a look at the Sure Betting software.  We'll soon find out if this is the best arbitrage software available in 2022!

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Month Four Update

Last month I committed to placing more bets during the 4th month review period and I did just that, and I'm delighted that I did, with the rewards being well and truly reaped.

It was a fantastic month, so let's get stuck into the statistics:

Month 4 Stats

  • £3,075.00 Profit
  • £2,594.39 Start Bankroll
  • 814 Bets
  • £35,410 Turnover
  • 8.68% Yield
  • £5,669.39 End Bankroll

Overall Stats (after four months)

  • £1,000 Start Bankroll
  • 2587 Bets
  • £70,288.76 Turnover
  • 6.64% Yield
  • £27.17 Average stake
  • 2.06 Average Odds
  • £5,669.39 End Bankroll

A fantastic month, and January also take a look at the Sure Betting module, which Rebel Betting claim is the best sure betting software available.

I added another £230.85 of profit from Sure Betting.

This cam from 60 bets, with a turnover of £8,421.

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