Racing Goldmine Review

Welcome to our Racing Goldmine review, where you will see us put this horse racing tipster service from Betfan under the microscope for 90 days.  The service is run by Richard Man and tips are delivered to our inbox each morning via email and are also available from the membership area within Betfan.  The Racing Goldmine review will see results recorded at advised stakes and also at £10 level stakes.

racinggoldminereviewQuick Summary

Welcome to our Racing Goldmine review, a horse racing tipster service from Betfan. We will be recording every result that he has over the next 90 days, and see whether Richard can make us a good return.

The service looks to have started in September 2017.

Selections are sent by email each evening, as well as been available on the Betfan website. The Racing Goldmine review will be recorded at advised stakes and prices, as well as to £10 level stakes.

From first inspection I notice the following key points from Racing Genius:

* Bets are advised to win only
* All bets are one point to win
* Using bookmakers is advised who offer BOG
* 200 point betting bank advised

Follow us on our Racing Goldmine review, and see whether Richard can provide a winning service.


Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£823.40
Number of bets 818
Number of wins 104
Strike Rate 12.7%
Bank Growth 41.17%
Return On Investment 10.07%
Review Period 22nd October 2018 to 21st January 2019
Cost £57 per 28 days or £114 per 90 days

Month 1 Summary

This Racing Goldmine service from Betfan is now at the end of it's first month, and is something a little different. It is different in the respect that generally two to three horses are given out per race, so the strike rate can never really go above around 30% as naturally not all three horses can win one race. So when looking at the winning strike rate bare this in mind.

The advantage of having two or three horses running for us though per race makes it far more likely we will see a winner, and generally speaking the odds of the selections are in the mid to high price range meaning when we do see a winner it certainly pays.

Each selection is advised to a straight one point win, so it is easy to place bets quickly and smoothly. The bookie with the best odds is advised, and we found that the price held long enough for members to secure that price. 

Betfan do provide a text messaging service which alerts you to when selections have been posted up on the site and/or an email has been sent out. So you can be assured of getting the best price if you act quickly.

For the month we seen a small profit of £12.00 to £10 level stakes, but we're confident this will increase over the next two months. Join us next month, and see how our Racing Goldmine review fairs. James.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£12.00
Number of bets 292
Number of wins 31
Strike Rate 10.6%
Return On Investment 0.41%

Month 2 Summary

Two months now under our belt for the Racing Goldmine review from Betfan and things are going very well indeed. Typically three horses are being backed per race, so you have three times as many chances to win theoretically. The strike rate once again is based on number of bets rather than number of races so the highest the winning strike rate can be is 33%.

Some decent priced winners have been seen, and this shows clearly in the results. Our betting bank never dips much even when we experience several races with no winners.

Selections are still available each evening, and a text service can be signed up for to let you know as soon as selections have been posted up, to ensure you secure the best possible prices for each selection.

So far I'd be happy to put my own money down on these selections, as Richard clearly knows how to pick the winners. Let's see how it fairs in the final month. James.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£885.10
Number of bets 251
Number of wins 42
Strike Rate 16.7%
Return On Investment 35.26%

Month 3 Summary

Three months testing has now been completed for our Racing Goldmine review, and although we did see a slight loss for the month the betting bank didn't dip too much.

We hit a high of just over £1000 for the service at one point which is a brilliant return using £10 stakes on a £2000 suggested betting bank.

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes -£63.70
Number of bets 275
Number of wins 31
Strike Rate 11.3%
Return On Investment -2.32%

Racing Goldmine Conclusion

The service is different to other horse racing tipping services, in that two to three selections are generally given out per race. This doesn't seem to affect profits though, and actually helps to reduce losing runs.

The odds of the selections are generous too which bodes well. No odds on horses here. Overall I would like to give the service a star rating of four and a half out of five. It would have been five if not for the number of selections, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Recommended.