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What should you promote?

That's entirely up to you, although you have essentially have 2 choices.

You can promote either our free tips newsletter or any of our individual tipster services.

We recommend that you send a promotional email to our free tips newsletter at least once per month because getting people to sign-up for a free newsletter is super easy.

The great thing about our affiliate links is that once the person has clicked your link, that tags them to you.  This means that if on their first visit, they only sign-up to our free newsletter, you will then earn commissions of ANY services which they later join on the site.

Rest assured that we will do our best to get that sale for you as we email our list on a daily basis and your affiliate link is the one that tracks.

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Affiliate Tips

The main one is to cloak your affiliate links wherever possible.

This is because people are much more likely to click a link that looks like

Than a link that looks like

At Bets For Today we use Pretty Link for all of our links and the improvement in click-through rates has been incredible.

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